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Our Services

Family Law

The Firm provides comprehensive Family Law services, including advice and representation on Child Protective Services (CPS) suits, Divorce, Property Division, Child Custody, Child Support, Spousal Support, Community and Separate Property, Enforcement of Divorce Decrees and Custody Orders, Mediation and informal Alternative Dispute Resolution.
Civil Disputes 

The Firm provides comprehensive Civil Litigation services for most cases, including advice and representation on breach of contract, real estate disputes, evictions, landlord/tenant issues, employment claims, wage claims, and a variety of other civil matters.
Deceptive Trade Practices 

The Firm provides legal services to consumers who have been victim to unfair or deceptive trade practices, including suits for damages, warranties, misrepresentations concerning the product or services received, and many other consumer related claims. 
Personal Injury

The Firm provides legal services and evaluation of your personal injury claim, no matter how large or small, your claim could entitle you to compensation.  The Firm is dedicated to providing your claim with personal attention from our attorneys and takes advantage of many joint venture opportunities to ensure that your claim receives the correct level or resources necessary.
Criminal Defense

The Firm provides misdemeanor defense for adult or juvenile cases as well as some Felony matters.  Felony and Misdemeanor convictions can have lasting effects and should be taken seriously.  Convictions can result in a criminal record that can last forever leading to unwanted stigma and appearing on your background checks.
Juvenile Law

The Firm provides comprehensive legal services to address both Misdemeanor and Felony Juvenile law cases.  As a former juvenile probation officer, Dallas Cornish provides her clients with the insight and knowledge of the juvenile system to provide each case with the maximum opportunity for outcome oriented results.
Traffic Tickets/Occupational Licenses 

The Firm provides a wide variety of services dedicated to combating traffic violations and obtaining occupational driver's licenses to ensure that you are able to continue driving without threat of arrest while you drive to work or appointments necessary to provide for yourself and your family.